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Who We Help

Our clients are varied, but have one thing in common.
Our undivided attention and care.


Case Study 1 — Sophia


Sophia is 77 year old woman. She was referred to us for a general wheelchair evaluation due to frequent falls. Her doctor knew she needed a wheelchair, but didn’t know what kind or type (power or manual). When we looked at her history of multiple falls and being dependent on oxygen with a diagnosis of COPD we felt that she would benefit most with a consumer power chair. Following  our original assessment and mobility evaluation, we took her a power chair. On the day of delivery her extended family was at her house  to spend the day with her on the front porch and in her yard looking at all of her blooming spring flowers. In the past Sophia had been an avid gardener and her excited family assumed that since she could no longer walk outside because of the distance and uneven ground that this was why she was getting the power chair. Sophia had other plans … she didn’t rush out the front door and onto the porch toward her family and flowers when we showed her how to use the chair with the joystick. Instead, she turned away from the porch and maneuvered the chair into her kitchen going right up to her refrigerator. She stopped the chair, stood up, took out a jug of milk, put the milk back and then sat down with tears in her eyes. To our dismay, Sophia said that it had been years since she could go to the kitchen, get something out of the fridge and take it to the table or counter without resting and gasping for air. She was now able to be functionally independent in the kitchen.

Case Study 2 — Dottie

Dottie has Cerebral Palsy. She is 17 years old and is dependent for all activities. She has severe kyphoscoliosis (curvature of the spine) and cannot sit up for any length of time without pain/discomfort. She remains in bed 22 hours per day and cannot go out of the house except to go to doctors’ appointments where they try to see her as quickly as possible. Working with a physical therapist, occupational therapist, and doctor, we decided on a custom molded back and seat. Following a lengthy fitting and gradual adjustment Dottie is now tolerating sitting up for 8 to 10 hours with no skin breakdown and no signs or symptoms of discomfort. She is able to interact with her family members during the day, take trips and be more interactive in society. Sitting upright with mobility adds to her physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing.

Case Study 3 — Raymond

Raymond is a 63 year old man with a recent history of CVA with right sided paralysis. He was sent home from a Rehab Facility with home health where he received an "off the shelf" manual wheelchair. Due to the nature of his stroke, postural weakness, balance instabilities, and poor skin integrity he was not able to use that chair for any length of time. He spent much of his time in bed and was only able to get up for short times of therapy. That chair was not meeting any of his medical, mobility, or positioning needs. We were called by his therapist, worked on getting the rental wheelchair returned and were able to get a custom ultralightweight wheelchair approved. Upon delivery, Raymond was able to propel the wheelchair through his home and  was able to sit up and participate with family activities for many hours at a time. He eventually progressed enough with his sitting tolerance and postural control to work on gait training (walking) with his therapist.

I would recommend Jones Adaptive to anyone I know. They are wonderful. I love my chair. It is awesome.


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