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Seating and Positioning Products

Proper seating and positioning is extremely important for people using mobility devices. Imagine if you were sat at a desk all day with very poor seating. It would leave your body aching and create potential problems for you in the future. We have a range of seating products that work with your body to create the perfect sitting position.

Custom Molded Seating


Ride Designs

Ride Designs believes in wheelchair seating systems that work in tandem, not just seating components. They are committed to creating and providing seating systems that enhance the user’s mobility, function and posture — all while protecting their skin better than anything they may have used in the past.

Cushions and Backs — by Brand



Quantum Rehab

Stealth Products® wheelchair cushions and Quantum® wheelchair cushions and wheelchair back cushions offer a variety of power wheelchair seat cushions to meet consumers’ pressure management needs.


Motion Concepts

Motion Concepts is a Canadian based company that designs and manufactures a wide array of industry leading modular power positioning systems, a complete line of Matrx® seat cushions, backs, and accessories.


Comfort Company

Comfort Company manufactures seating and postural support systems, designed for people with a wide range of rehabilitation needs. Whether pediatric, geriatric, or bariatric needs, we are committed to providing our customers with quality products designed for comfort, durability, and ease of use. 


Ki Mobility

Ki Mobility creates a cohesive family of products with a "Best in Class" approach based on the Science of Seating. Every cushion was developed with the Science of Seating design elements of Directed Loading and Surface Tension Reduction through the use of Pre-contoured shapes, high-end, quality materials and superior cover design.



JAY wheelchair cushions are designed to stabilize the pelvis, protect skin from the risk of breakdown, and position the body. Premium materials and positioning components create low maintenance and highly customizable seating solutions. With so many options available, you're sure to find a JAY wheelchair cushion to  fit your individual needs.

JAY wheelchair backs are designed to stabilize the pelvis and torso. Their contoured back shells, soft foam, and adjustable components offer stability and comfort to reduce fatigue and maximize function. Ride in confidence knowing we've got your back!



ROHO is the worldwide leader of seating solutions to prevent and treat pressure injuries, including deep tissue injury, while providing skin and soft tissue protection.
ROHO has been in over 90 scientific and clinical studies to reinforce and verify that a ROHO cushion heals, treats and prevents pressure injuries, including deep tissue injury. ROHO cushions, unlike foam products, provide the ability to constantly adjust and conform with an individual’s body, now, and as he or she changes throughout the months and years. ROHO cushions support the shifts and movements that individuals make throughout each day.

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