Power Chairs in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia

For some of our clients who need help with being independent in their home due to weakness or shortness of breath, a consumer power chair will meet their needs. However for our more complicated clients who have mobility and positioning deficits, a Rehab Power Chair is what they need to get back to functional independence in their home. These are a few of the products we use for power wheelchair users.

Consumer Powerchairs



Jazzy Select 6® 2.0

The Jazzy Select 6® 2.0 offers a truly unique ride experience with a sporty design and superior performance. Pride’s patented Active-Trac® Suspension combines with Mid-Wheel 6® drive design for a smooth, comfortable and stable ride, both indoors and out. The depth-adjustable high-back seat folds flat for greater convenience, while offering maximum comfort and support.

Vision Sport.jpg

Vision Sport

The Vision Sport is a true center wheel drive power chair with six wheels on the ground at all times. This along with a robust suspension allows the Vision Sport to handle diverse terrain. The standard Vision Sport comes with the LiNX controller that allows for easy Bluetooth diagnostics and programing. The contoured semi-recline high back seat is not only stylish with contrasting stitching but is comfortable for all day use.



This chair is the most portable of all Medicare approved power wheelchairs. It is compact in size and easy to disassemble. Excellent maneuverability for indoor use.

Heavy Duty — Consumer


Vision Super.jpg

Vision Super

  •  Weight capacity: P327: 450lbs P3274: 400lbs

  •  Real mid-wheel drive design for tight space maneuverability

  •  Duel in-line motors for enhanced efficiency, torque, range and performance

  •  Full front and rear suspension for easy obstacle climb and enhanced performance on varied terrain

  •  12" knobby tires and optimum weight distribution provide superior traction

  •  Dynamic Shark fully programmable controller

  •  Off board charger and 4-post seat with semi-reclining backrest

  •  NF-22 batteries for maximum range (battery not included)

  •  Stable base: can absorb up to 300lbs on footplate without tipping forwarded


Compass HD

The Golden Compass HD offers you a stable, center-wheel-drive platform and an articulating chassis for stability over tough terrain. A bigger, beefier version of the popular Compass Sport, the Compass HD has a 450 lb. weight capacity, yet a modest 20-inch turning radius. It comes standard with a captain’s seat and our exclusive fold-flat seat hinge design for easy transport.


Jazzy® 614 HD

The Jazzy® 614 HD features patented Mid-wheel 6® technology and Active-Trac ATX Suspension for an outstanding level of performance, maneuverability and tight turning radius, all in one heavy-duty package. Independent front casters raise and lower as needed to compensate instantly for changes in terrain, making transitions easy. The Jazzy 614 HD features dual enhanced in-line motors for greater efficiency, torque, range and performance.

Independent drive wheel suspension allows each drive wheel to be independently supported by a dynamic spring-strut dampening system, reducing the vibrations caused by driving surfaces.

All-around performance indoors and out over most surfaces, inclines and slopes, makes the Jazzy 614 HD an excellent heavy-duty power chair choice.

  • Dual enhanced in-line motors for greater efficiency, torque, range and performance

  • 450 lbs. weight capacity

  • 6” casters on front & rear for maximum stability

  • Active-Trac® ATX Suspension for enhanced performance over more varied terrain

  • Easy rear access to batteries

  • Seating up to 24” W x 24” D

  • Tool-less shroud removal

  • Easy serviceability

  • Depth adjustable foot platform

Mid Wheel Drive ­— Rehab Power Chairs



AllTrack M Series

The Alltrack M Series is a mid-wheel drive power wheelchair with a standard weight capacity of 300 lb (136 kg) with an HD option of up to 450 lb (205 kg). It is ideal for an active user sharing their time between indoor and outdoor activities. This Mid-Wheel Drive power wheelchair allows the user to easily maneuver over day to day obstacles while providing unsurpassed stability provided by its suspension


ilevel Seat Elevation

New iLevel® Power Chairs from Quantum Rehab® offer safe eye level operation at the speed of life. iLevel’s advanced functionality and stability strengthens independence and quality of life.


Edge 3

The design of the Edge 3 is for the most advanced power chair experience ever! Upgraded SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) provides a smooth, comfortable ride and advanced stability. Optional iLevel® is available at 4.5 mph with up to 12" of power adjustable seat height. Standard features include front and rear LED fender lights, a USB charger, and drive wheel color accents. The Edge 3 is available in a total of 19 color options, including seven brand-new, bold colors.


Q6 Edge Z

The Q6 Edge® Z Power Chair utilizes powerful 4-pole motors for maximum torque and Mid-Wheel 6® Design for aggressive outdoor performance and precision indoor maneuverability. Available with optional iLevel® power adjustable seat height, the Q6 Edge Z Power Wheelchair accepts a broad range of exclusive seating and electronics options for unmatched adaptability and rehab capability.


Permobil M3

Conquer your day with a suspension meticulously engineered to help you maintain better positioning, feel more secure, and reduce driving fatigue. The precision engineering of the M3 Corpus helps ensure improved drive performance and a more consistent driving experience for all users. This is especially true at low speeds, in tight areas, or while using a variety of alternative drive controls. The world is at your fingertips as you explore your environment with the M3 Corpus’ unrivaled 12″ of seat elevation and 20º ActiveReach Technology all without sacrificing comfort because the M3 maintains full suspension at ANY elevation, seating position or driving speed. Truly making it one of the world’s most capable Mid Wheel Drive power chairs.


Avid Rehab

  • Center of gravity changes according to sliding seat

  • Mechanical shear reduction device for injury prevention

  • Armrest adjusts automatically when reclined, for comfortable seating

  • Adjustable seat width and seat depth for customized fitting

  • Dual in-line motors for enhanced efficiency, torque, range and performance

  • Optional seat elevator and power footplate or elevating legrest

  • Optional PG R-NET multi-function controller

Front Wheel Drive Power



Permobil F3 Corpus

The F3 Corpus offers the smallest footprint of the F-series front wheel drive power wheelchairs. Its compact size and agility allows users to easily maneuver in and out of tight spaces. The optimized battery weight distribution, lower center of mass and fully adjustable ComfortRide suspension improve stability while traversing inclines or declines. Experience the enhanced functionality of the F3 by combining outstanding chassis performance with Permobil’s industry leading Corpus Seating System offering 12” of ActiveHeight and up to 30º of ActiveReach forward tilt technology.

Quantum 4Front

4 front.jpg

The 4Front® is a quiet, more responsive front-wheel drive power chair that features automotive-grade suspension with unprecedented comfort and ride quality. The 4Front's CASE (Caster Angle Sensor Encoder) technology and SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) provide stability for smooth obstacle transitions and unmatched driving performance. The 4Front features standard speeds of up to 6 mph in the lowered position, and speeds up to 3.2 mph while elevated at 10" with our optional safe seat elevation. Standard LED fender lights allow you to see and be seen.

Rear Wheel Drive Power Rehab



Alltrack R Series

The Alltrack R Series is a unique Hybrid drive power wheelchair that has become an excellent choice for active people who like to spend time outdoors while still manoeuvring comfortably indoors. Why is it a Hybrid?  The Alltrack R series is Hybrid because it combines the best features from both mid-wheel and rear-wheel drive models and packs it all into one wheelchair. It takes the anterior and posterior stability, short footprint and tight turning radius at only 21.75” (550 mm) from the mid-wheel platform.  It also has great outdoor performance, high speed capabilities and the directional stability that requires less steering correction which comes from the rear-wheel drive platform.  


Quantum Rival

  • Compact size for outstanding maneuverability in tight spaces

  • Compatible with TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems

  • Available with Q-Logic 2 Drive Control System, which offers Bluetooth® access to computer, tablet and phone functions

  • Exceptional outdoor performance

  • Maximum speed up to 8 mph (with optional high speed motor package)

  • High-performance, high-efficiency motor package

  • Accepts a wide range of seating and positioning systems

  • Sliding battery tray for easy access

  • Two suspension packages

Heavy Duty


quantum q1450.jpg

Quantum Q1450

The Quantum 1450 front wheel-drive power chair has a 600-lb. weight capacity, but still is designed to be nimble in tight spaces. It accommodates a wide range of seating & positioning components and has a top speed of 4.5 mph.

Quantum Q6 Edge HD

Pride Quantum Q6 Edge® HD Power Wheelchair features Mid-Wheel 6® Drive Design which allows six wheels on the ground for maximum stability. Q6 Edge® HD is engineered to meet the performance needs of the most active user.

Alltrack HD

The Alltrack HD is a versatile, very heavy-duty mid-wheel drive power wheelchair with a standard weight capacity of 550 lb (250 kg). This model is ideal for people sharing their time between indoor and outdoor activities as it allows for easy maneuvering over routine obstacles. The Alltrack HD is no exception to any other Alltrack as its interactive 6-wheel suspension along with the seat suspension both enhance the stability, mobility and comfort for all users. It is the only bariatric power wheelchair with a suspension of its kind and it comes with an extremely short turning radius of 20.5” (520 mm).


Permobil M300 HD

Introducing the new M300 Corpus® HD, a heavy duty power wheelchair designed specifically for users up to 450lbs. The M300 base is highly maneuverable and has been both extended and widened for the HD model, while the suspension has been strengthened for an overall more stable platform. The HD also has extremely sturdy arm and legrests as well as wider footplates to create additional room and comfort. The M300 HD features the world-renowned Corpus seating system for the ultimate in comfort with an unmatched power tilt range of 0 — 45° and an unprecedented recline of 85 — 150°. The ultra-strong actuators allow users to safely elevate their feet above their hearts, while the durable mesh-style upholstery helps keep moisture away from the body. With the legendary power and toughness of Permobil, the M300 Corpus HD is built to withstand the rigors of any heavy duty lifestyle.


Travel Chairs



Shoprider Jimmie

The Jimmie is a portable and light weight power chair designed for the consumer on the go. The unit has a quick-disconnect system for effortless disassembly, advanced electronics and high efficiency in-line motors. The Jimmie disassembles effortlessly into three pieces, with the heaviest weighing just 35.8 lb. It also has all the features of larger power chairs including height & width adjustable arm rests, adjustable footplate and adjustable seat height.


Pride Go Chair

The Go Chair is #1 for portability! With feather-touch disassembly, you can take your Go Chair to all your favorite places and enjoy greater independence.

  • 300 lb. weight capacity

  • Number one for portability

  • Convenient under seat storage keeps your personal items close at hand

  • Feather-touch disassembly easily disassembles into 5 lightweight pieces for transport and storage

  • Your choice of six colors

  • heaviest piece is only 36 lbs.

  • 18" x 17", 5-point swivel seat with latch release

  • Speeds up to 3.7 mph

  • 18 amp batteries

  • Compact turning radius of only 25.4"

  • Height & width adjustable armrests

  • Large footplate

  • 60" lap belt


Jazzy Passport

Simply fold and travel with the Jazzy® Passport. This compact power chair folds in just a few steps and offers convenient storage and ample foot room. Travel in comfort with the Jazzy Passport.


  • A compact and lightweight design makes traveling a breeze

  • Back seat pocket for extra storage while on-the-go

  • Folds in just a few simple steps for effortless transport

  • Includes convenient, under seat mesh storage bag, mesh cup holder and 40” lap belt

  • Large foot platform to accommodate the user’s comfort

  • Specialty foam seat design for extreme comfort

  • Now available with an air safe travel battery*

*Check with your airline before flying