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Power Chairs in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia

For some of our clients who need help with being independent in their home due to weakness or shortness of breath, a consumer power chair will meet their needs. However for our more complicated clients who have mobility and positioning deficits, a Rehab Power Chair is what they need to get back to functional independence in their home. These are a few of the products we use for power wheelchair users.

Consumer Powerchairs


Vision Sport.jpg

Vision Sport

The Vision Sport is a true center wheel drive power chair with six wheels on the ground at all times. This along with a robust suspension allows the Vision Sport to handle diverse terrain. The standard Vision Sport comes with the LiNX controller that allows for easy Bluetooth diagnostics and programing. The contoured semi-recline high back seat is not only stylish with contrasting stitching but is comfortable for all day use.

Jazzy Evo 613 Li

jazzy evo li.JPG

The Jazzy® EVO 613 series provides the freedom to navigate small spaces and tight corners indoors with a narrow base width of only 22”. The Jazzy® EVO 613Li uses a lithium-ion battery that provides longer life and more convenient charging.

Shoprider Streamer Sport

streamer sport.JPG

The Streamer Sport is a mid-size power wheelchair. It features a 300 lb. weight capacity, rear-wheel drive axle and 10” rear tires. The unit comes standard with height and width adjustable arm rests, adjustable angle footplate and a 19in. captains seat. The Streamer Sport has a 10-mile battery range and 2in. ground clearance that allows for easy maneuverability over most terrains.

Heavy Duty — Consumer


Vision Super.jpg

Vision Super

  •  Weight capacity: P327: 450lbs P3274: 400lbs

  •  Real mid-wheel drive design for tight space maneuverability

  •  Duel in-line motors for enhanced efficiency, torque, range and performance

  •  Full front and rear suspension for easy obstacle climb and enhanced performance on varied terrain

  •  12" knobby tires and optimum weight distribution provide superior traction

  •  Dynamic Shark fully programmable controller

  •  Off board charger and 4-post seat with semi-reclining backrest

  •  NF-22 batteries for maximum range (battery not included)

  •  Stable base: can absorb up to 300lbs on footplate without tipping forwarded


merits atlantis.JPG
  • Weight capacity: 600lbs

  • Very heavy-duty power wheelchair with unique and prominent design

  • Four seat posts provide more stable and a durable structure for the frame

  • Available with a pan or captain seat in 24 or 26-inch width

  • Super high power in-line motors help riders negotiate 10° incline

  • 24H x 20-22D x 22H ergonomic seat is ideal for bariatric users

Rehab Power Chairs


AllTrack M Series

all track m series.png

The Alltrack M Series is a mid-wheel drive power wheelchair with a standard weight capacity of 300 lb (136 kg) with an HD option of up to 450 lb (205 kg). It is ideal for an active user sharing their time between indoor and outdoor activities. This Mid-Wheel Drive power wheelchair allows the user to easily maneuver over day to day obstacles while providing unsurpassed stability provided by its suspension



The Edge 3 Stretto® is the narrowest, most maneuverable power base in America! This narrow wheelchair base is perfect for navigating tight corners and small spaces. With an overall width of 20.47” with 12.5” drive wheels, the Stretto® is the best narrow wheelchair for children, teenagers and small adults to use in the home.

Edge 3

edge 3.jpg

The design of the Edge 3 is for the most advanced power chair experience ever! Upgraded SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) provides a smooth, comfortable ride and advanced stability. Optional iLevel® is available at 4.5 mph with up to 12" of power adjustable seat height. Standard features include front and rear LED fender lights, a USB charger, and drive wheel color accents. The Edge 3 is available in a total of 19 color options, including seven brand-new, bold colors.

Quantum 4 Front 2

4 front.jpg

The 4Front® 2 is the next generation of the 4Front® Power Chair! New Smart Traction Control (STC), along with Smooth Ride Suspension (SRS), provide stability for smooth obstacle transitions and unmatched driving performance. Additional new features include 4-pole motors and redesigned caster arms for improved durability and aesthetics and reduced weight.

Quantum j4


With features like Q4 seating, Mid-Wheel 6® Drive Design and ATX Suspension, the J4 is engineered for tight-quarter maneuverability. The J4 delivers rehab capability and performance at an excellent value.


Alltrack R Series

The Alltrack R Series is a unique Hybrid drive power wheelchair that has become an excellent choice for active people who like to spend time outdoors while still manoeuvring comfortably indoors. Why is it a Hybrid?  The Alltrack R series is Hybrid because it combines the best features from both mid-wheel and rear-wheel drive models and packs it all into one wheelchair. It takes the anterior and posterior stability, short footprint and tight turning radius at only 21.75” (550 mm) from the mid-wheel platform.  It also has great outdoor performance, high speed capabilities and the directional stability that requires less steering correction which comes from the rear-wheel drive platform.  

Shoprider XLR 14

xlr 14.JPG

The XLR 14 Power Chair is equipped with large 14” Drive Wheels. The self-adjusting Mid-Wheel Drive suspension system is matched with four independently suspended front and rear casters. This provides the added stability of having six points of contact with the ground. When accompanied with the full independent suspension system, the XLR14 provides a smooth driving experience that will handle virtually any driving surface. A natural fit with our power tilt seating system, which offers 50˚ of tilt. The XLR 14 also has a flip forward seat for easy battery access to our Xtra Long Range battery options, and comfortably accommodates a 300 lb. weight capacity.


Quantum Q6 Edge HD

Pride Quantum Q6 Edge® HD Power Wheelchair features Mid-Wheel 6® Drive Design which allows six wheels on the ground for maximum stability. Q6 Edge® HD is engineered to meet the performance needs of the most active user.


Alltrack HD

The Alltrack HD is a versatile, very heavy-duty mid-wheel drive power wheelchair with a standard weight capacity of 550 lb (250 kg). This model is ideal for people sharing their time between indoor and outdoor activities as it allows for easy maneuvering over routine obstacles. The Alltrack HD is no exception to any other Alltrack as its interactive 6-wheel suspension along with the seat suspension both enhance the stability, mobility and comfort for all users. It is the only bariatric power wheelchair with a suspension of its kind and it comes with an extremely short turning radius of 20.5” (520 mm).

j4 he.jpg

Quantum j4 HD

The J4 HD Power Chair offers a 400-pound weight capacity and Q4 HD Power Tilt. Featuring Mid-Wheel 6® Drive Design and ATX Suspension, the J4 HD is engineered for tight-quarter maneuverability. The J4 HD has a narrow base width of 24.25”! Other features include standard 5 mph motors and seat widths and depths sizes from 20”-24” (in 2” increments for both).

Travel Chairs



Shoprider Jimmie

The Jimmie is a portable and light weight power chair designed for the consumer on the go. The unit has a quick-disconnect system for effortless disassembly, advanced electronics and high efficiency in-line motors. The Jimmie disassembles effortlessly into three pieces, with the heaviest weighing just 35.8 lb. It also has all the features of larger power chairs including height & width adjustable arm rests, adjustable footplate and adjustable seat height.

Pride Go Chair Med

go chair med.JPG

The Go Chair® MED is #1 for portability! With convenient feather-touch disassembly, the Go Chair MED allows you to experience lightweight travel and independence on the go. Compact, portable and perfect for travel, the Go Chair® MED is a feature-rich power chair that disassembles easily in just a few steps! A large footplate gives you the comfort you need.

passport carbon.JPG

Jazzy Passport Carbon

Travelers keep their Jazzy Carbon charged and standing by for spontaneous jet-setting adventures. They know it breezes through airport security, easily stows on the plane and gives them the mobility support they need to make the most of their travels.

Weighing in at a stunning 43.6 pounds, Jazzy Carbon still provides top speeds up to 3.7 mph with a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

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