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Golden Buzzaround XL, 3 Wheel Scooter

Sale Price: $1,142.00 | Model: GB117D

The Golden Buzzaround is one of our best selling scooter series. It's lightweight frame and easy disassembly makes it a popular and reliable option as a source of mobility. Additionally, the 3-wheel base offers a great turning radius and maneuverability, even in tight spaces.

  • The red shrouds can be replaced with blue shrouds.

  • Disassembles in 4 easy steps.

  • Only 1 sale unit left.

Golden Signature Series, Regal

Sale Price: $1,480.00 | Model: PR-751TY

The Regal is a lift chair that offers practical storage and usability. With a built-in cup holder and a storage container in each chair arm, it further boasts a tray that can swing-away or be removed. Lastly, this popular selling chair has been discontinued by Golden, making it tough to find.

  • Width: 36" | ​Seat Width: 22" | Length Fully Extended: 42"

  • Comes in a plush hazelnut fabric, making it stylish and comfortable.

  • Storage in both arms, with a cup holder and removable tray.

  • Discontinued | Only 1 sale unit left.

Golden Signature Series, Cambridge

Sale Price: $850.00 | Model: PR-401-MLA

The Cambridge series was recently redesigned to help provide a more efficient and comfortable chair for individuals based on their height. This particular model in this series is classified as medium to large, making it ideal for those who are between 5'7" to 6'2".

  • Width: 35" | ​Seat Width: 22" | Length Fully Extended: 44"

  • Comes in a comfortable copper fabric.

  • Simple 2-button control

  • Only 1 sale unit left.

Pride Heritage Collection, Cloud 9

Sale Price: $846.00 | Model: LC358L

The Cloud 9 offers plush back and seat cushions, with a rolled armrest to provide a uniquely tailored look and additional comfort. This chair introduced the Total Comfort Seating, which features a unique spring design and one-piece soft foam seat for outstanding relaxation.

  • Width: 37" | ​Seat Width: 22" | Distance from Wall: 19"

  • 2-button hand control, with USB charging port.

  • Array of plush fabrics delivers style and durability.

  • Only 1 sale unit left.